In 2008, two Pune-based recording engineers – Paul Rhoney and Alonso Hodges – planted their flag in the ever-expanding music community of their city. Rhoney Guitars, a haven for both, the sonic adventures of independent, alternative artists from the growing scene as well as commercial producers and musicians, is located on Baner Road.
Rhoney Guitars started as a recording studio with the goal of creating a space that could handle all ranges of projects and clients and has finally evolved into a recording complex comprising of 4 Studios!
The studio attracted a lot of newer engineers from various Audio schools and were again trained at our facility as Assistant and Associate Engineers; what struck us was that though these bright engineers were coming into the studio they lacked a sense of practical knowledge which in a field like this is a must. This is where the idea for Rhoney Guitars was born.

With an eye on the growing talent, Rhoney Guitars aims to equip and mentor the audio professionals of tomorrow with specific courses designed around audio engineering and sound production. That’s where the Rhoney Guitars comes in.
Since its conception, our Academy has trained numerous Audio Professionals across sectors like Film, Music, Audio Electronics, Acoustics and many more. Our goal is to contribute to the ever growing community of Audio Professionals in this country one great student at a time.