Letʼs talk principle.

A guitar should look, sound, and feel good. So good that it should inspire you.  New music, new sounds, these should come from new guitars.

I have always dreamed up concepts for guitars that I wanted to play for myself.  2007 started to turn this vision into something extremely tangible. The vision for these guitars meant starting from stark, raw wood. No off-the-shelf necks or bodies, no reshaping paddle headstocks, and no worrying about how to paint them until after I mastered the wood-work. In a world full of amazing guitars, I knew I had to offer something extremely unique. In order for me to create something guitarists would care deeply about, I needed to approach the challenge of a new guitar holistically and needed to re-examine every minute detail.

The goal is never to recreate popular sounds, but to be inspired by them to find new, memorable and distinct tones. I am relentless in pursuit of this exact experience for players. Every inch of the guitar is considered. Flawless fretwork, hand-cut and polished bone nut, carefully applied finishes, are just a few of the hallmarks of Rhoney Guitars. I believe the care and devotion to detail I put into these guitars deliver a feel and experience that players can instantly recognize at first touch. These instruments offer players a distinct and inspired experience all their own.

Itʼs a constant state of refinement, and updating with every design. The luxury of being a smaller operation, driven by craft, is that there are almost limitless boundaries when it comes to modifying and customizing the guitar models that are offered. I consider them ever-evolving. Some of the most fun Iʼve had is collaborating with players to make them the guitars they dream about. I am very proud of the guitars Iʼm making and hope that youʼll get the opportunity to own one and be inspired to play it every chance you get.