Detail study on power amplifiers

Posted on Aug 28, 2020

The amplifier is the kind of electronic device which increases the power of the input signal with the help of any of the external power source. Usually these amplifiers pickup the weak waveform and convert it into a stronger waveform with the assistance of external power source. 

The amplifiers have the types they are power amplifier, voltage amplifiers, and the current amplifier. Among them the power amplifier used for external devices like speakers, headphones, etc. To know about the power amplifier you have to upgrade yourself on knowing what is power amplifier and the purpose of this specific amplifier. To help in that case, here it is explained in detail look for it, 

What is a power amplifier?

Similar to other amplifier types the power amplifier can increase the magnitude of the input signal and this amplifier has enough capacity to provide the strong signal for the output devices like transmitters, speakers, and headphones.

The best thing about the power amplifier is designed to produce a strong waveform to load the drives directly but the voltage and current amplifiers don’t have this capacity. The power amplifiers also have their types and these types get different based on the external device they are getting connected to it, those types are given below.


Audio power amplifier

The audio power amplifiers are one among those three types and this amplifier increases the power magnitude of the audio devices. The audio power amplifiers are used in external devices like the television speakers, home theatre speakers, mobiles, and other speaker types. This amplifier capacity ranges from the mill watts to the thousands of watts.

DC power amplifiers

This type of power amplifier is used to handle the power of the pulse width modulated signals and used to control any of the electronic devices that require the very high power to operate the motors or actuators. The DC power amplifier gets the input signals from the microcontroller system and increases the magnitude of the power of the signal and then transfer those amplified signals to the DC of the motors or actuators.

Radiofrequency power amplifiers

The radiofrequency power amplifiers are different from other amplifiers and this amplifier is specifically used for the wireless devices. Because these devices require the modulated waves which are transmitted via the air. To support the transmission of the waves antennas will be used and their range will get depends on the magnitude of the power of signals sent to the antennas.


Based upon the circuit of the power amplifier their classes get varies, generally, these power amplifiers come in two different classes, the amplifier used to amplify the analogy signals are coming under the classes A, B or AB and the amplifier used to amplify the pulse width modulated signals comes under the D, E, F, etc.

Final thoughts

The power amplifiers have so many applications and to make use of them you should understand the types and classes of amplifier in it. This article can help you in getting knowledge of the relevant topic.