Car subwoofer can be replaced with home subwoofers?

Posted on May 7, 2020

Are you thinking about substituting the car subwoofer with your home subwoofer, if yes then get to know what you have to do and how to replace the home subwoofer with the car subwoofer?

So that you can try them when your car or home subwoofer gets repaired. However, for that, you have to know the difference between a car subwoofer and a home subwoofer so that only you can make use of them accordingly. 

Types of woofers

The first and foremost thing you should get to know about is their kind to handle them in the right way. Generally, there are two types in subwoofers active and passive subwoofers, technically the active subwoofers get different from the passive woofer type. When you are using the active subwoofers to your audio system there it should be get connected to the electrical circuit because your home subwoofers will come with an in-built amplifier that could only charge the woofer.


Alternatively, the passive subwoofer comes with an amplifier and this is the type of subwoofer which is used in the car. In that case, to drive the speakers it comes with the amplifier. So it can also adapt to your home speakers.

Steps to use a car subwoofer for home theatre.

Power of the car subwoofer

When you are thinking about replacing the hone subwoofer with car subwoofer you have to think about the power of these woofers. Because car subwoofers can handle only smaller volts of electricity. In that case, you have to increase them here the power inverter can help you. So buy those power inverter from the market.

Connect the car subwoofers to the home theatre

After controlling the power of the subwoofer you have to connect, them to your home theatre that is connect the car subwoofer input to the home theatre output terminals. It means to connect the red to red and white to white. To add extra sound effects you can connect other speakers to your audio system.


Plug-in to the inverter

You have to first place the car subwoofer to the inverter and then connect them to the wall power outlet. Now you can play any of your favorite music to check them whether they can deliver the good quality sound effects or not.

Final words

When you know the steps that are used to replace home theatre subwoofer with a car subwoofer you can accomplish the task easily, so get to know of it with the help of this article.