Alternative ways to connect speakers with television

Posted on Apr 17, 2020

To get more sound effects when you are watching your favorite movies or shows on television there you require the surround sound system. Buying the speakers for the television is not a big deal connecting them is important to get to know how to connect those speakers especially when you don’t have the receivers because the wrong connection may damage both your television as well as your speakers. Here are the ways to connect speakers to TV without receiver.

Wireless connectivity

When you don’t have a receiver there you can prefer the wireless connectivity option. Most of the television owners are forget to look for these options. In general, you will get two options on these wireless connectivity that is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The best thing about these connectivity options is you don’t need wire connection, so check for these options in your television for connecting the speakers without the aid of the receiver.



Making use of hub instead of the receiver will be one of those alternative options and it is cheaper than the receiver also, so it supports you economically. Hubs are similar to the receiver both in appearance and features.

Direct connection

Some of the televisions now coming with the direct connection features so that will be the easiest option for connecting speakers. There you do not require any receiver but this is not always worthier. Connect your speakers to the television output and enjoy them.

Two-channel amplifiers

When you are not available with the receiver you can go with the two-channel amplifier as an alternative option. The working principles are almost similar to the receiver, so using them will be easy for you.

Final thoughts

If you do not have a receiver then you can prefer any of these ways for connecting speakers to TV, but before using it get to know how to implement them.