Tips to protect your leather headphones

Posted on Apr 28, 2020

Headphones are one of those favorite things for most of today’s people and no matter what they wear but they used to carry their headphones wherever they are out.

If headphones are your best companion, and you like to listen a music, then you have to think about protecting it, when you are not given the proper care it gets broken-down or peeled off after a certain period especially when you have leather headphones. Still, you can protect leather headphones even for years if you provide them proper attention.

Here are the ways through which you can take care of leather headphones.


You are taking it out and used to insert into your ears more often, then you should clean them at least once or twice a week with the help of any of the soft cloth or tissue paper. That helps you headphones through preventing the sedimentation of the dirt over the leather. When you allow to dirt get accumulate over the leather it damages them slowly, so if you are more concerned about your headphones then clean them frequently.


Protein leather conditioning

If you are using the leather type headphones there you can make use of the solution called protein leather conditioner which is available in the market. With the help of it, you can remove all the dirt and other residues from the headphones that help you in extending your headphone’s lifetime. But you should not use them more than twice in a year remember it.


Like cleaning, you should also give importance to the storage case of your headphones. To give them additional protection you can go with the water-resistant hard case. But remember the interior of the case should be smooth to avoid damaging your cushion at the same time give them enough space to settle. But if there is no enough space the cables of the headphones might get damaged.


Away from water

The moisture content is one of the main reasons for leather headphones peeling so try to keep away your headphones from water. If you take your headphones for jogging try to cover them with cap and after removing it wipe the leather with tissue to remove the sweat in it. If it is rainy you can stand under any shadow to give them protection. 

Final thoughts

These are very simple things to do but it can protect your leather headphones from getting damaged. You can make use of this article to get to know a few ways to protect your headphones.