Guide to connect computer speakers

Posted on May 13, 2020

The speakers are also important for the computers that help you in listening to any of the important audio files. Other than that when you have connected the speakers with your computer you can watch a movie or listen to your playlist whenever you get time.

In the market, there are so many brands and models of computer speakers are available so your purchase may get easy but without knowing how to connect speakers for computer, you cannot do that. In that case, you can follow these steps to connect them to your computer.

Sound card jack

At first, you have located the sound card jack of the computer. There you can find three jacks in the sound card along with the size of the headphone jack beneath the computer. Usually, these sound card jacks come with the three colour pins they are pink, blue, and green or named as the microphone line-in and line -out.


Plug the speakers

Generally, the speaker which contains the power button will be plugged in but it may get varies according to the model of the speakers. For some speaker models, you have to connect one to another.

Speaker cables

Now you have to connect the speaker cables to the green sound card jack that is line out jack of the computer. Mostly both the cable and the connector come in the green colour.

Power-on the speakers

After connecting the speakers, you have to plug the power cord of the speakers to the electrical socket for the power supply and then turn on the speakers.



You can play any of the audio in your computer and adjust the sound in speakers or volume mixer of the computer. Through this, you can test the sound as well as get to know whether they are connected properly or not.

Final words

Generally, hook up computer speakers are one of the simplest tasks to accomplish when you have an idea about it, so with the help of this article grasp an idea about the relevant topic.