Where can I buy your guitars? Do you have any dealers in _________?

Currently I am entirely out of production, and not taking new orders. I recommend searching "Rhoney" on Reverb.com and picking up a used instrument whenever they are available. 

How much do your guitars cost?

The Models page on this website should give you all of the pricing information you need, but please feel free to use the contact form for a quote, if you have any special questions.

How long does it take you to make a guitar?

Depending on which model of guitar the process can take one to six months.

Do you do endorsements?

Yes. Each endorsed artist relationship is unique and organically formed. Asking for an endorsement is a guaranteed way to not get one.

Can I come by for a shop tour?

Yes. Call or email to arrange a date and time, and I'll be happy to show you around the place.

What pickups do you use? What pickups are those?

The four main pickup companies I use are Lollar, McNelly, Roadhouse, and TV Jones. Between those four the options are almost limitless. 

I heard you make white Jaguar style knobs, can I buy some?

I stopped making those knobs years ago, but lucky for everyone we can now buy them cheaply from Small Bear Electronics.

Do you make left-handed guitars?

Yes. There is no extra charge for lefties.

Do you make any bass models?

There are no regular bass models in the lineup currently. However, I can make basses as custom-order instruments.

Can you make my guitar with a thinner neck/different scale length/different woods/strap locks/locking tuners/Etc./Etc./Etc...?

More often than not the answer is yes, just ask. Some additional charges may apply, and I reserve the right to refuse to do anything I feel would be a bad fit on my guitars.